About us

The Athens Aero Club, Inc. was founded in May, 1968, to provide members with enjoyable, safe, economical flying, for pleasure and business. Currently there are about ten members in the club, who all get together to share the enjoyment of flight.


In addition to rental fees, which are figured by tach time, members must pay a $3000 membership deposit, which is refundable upon departure from the Club. Monthly dues are $85.00, which includes a monthly update on the Garmin 430. All club members are insured on our group policy when using club aircraft.

Admission to membership

The applicant, who must be 16 or over, must submit a written application form to one of the Officers of the Club. Upon acceptance by the Board of Governors and deposit of at least $500 the applicant is enrolled as a provisional member for 30 days. (Note that the entire membership deposit is $3000 but, if necessary, arrangements can be made to pay the balance of the membership fee at the rate of $100 per month.) The applicant must then meet with the Club members at the next regular meeting. If no protests are received within the 30 day provisional period the applicant is automatically accepted to full membership at the end of the provisional period. During the provisional period the applicant may use club’s aircraft only with ‘club approved CFI or full Club member holding at least a private pilot’s license present. Dues are payable in advance and will be prorated for new members from the day of the month on which the new member begins flying.

A student Membership is available to Ohio University students. Student Members shall enjoy all benefits of Club membership and shall be entitled to an expedited return of their deposit.