Takeaway from Cold Weather Webinar

I recently attended a webinar run by Bruce Landsberg on cold weather operations. Here are some useful bullet points I recorded.

  • Dress extra warm so you don't rush the preflight.
  • Dress for an off airport landing.
  • Pack survival gear to survive what you are overflying.
  • If you start with a dead battery, be prepared for no electricity for gear, flaps, or avionics in case alternator fails shortly into flight.
  • Watch tires, 1psi drop with every 10F decrease.
  • Strut seals tend to go bad in cold weather.
  • Aircraft can frost if going from a warm hanger to cold air.
  • Cheap deice = glycol + garden sprayer.
  • Car window deicer works on wings, but don't let it touch plexiglass windows.
  • Most important thing to prevent moisture in fuel tank is to invest in new o-rings for the tank caps.
  • Limbering up the prop is not recommended, the risk of s hot mag outweighs any benefit of trying move very thick oil.